Morgan's Nature Walks

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- An experience.

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Morgan's Nature Walks - Salir

Morgan’s Nature Walks presents a guided tour through nature and history of this important town. The occupation of Salir goes back to the time of the Celts however the people that had a true cultural and historical impact were the moors. They built the castle in the 12th Century that is presently in ruin. The norias that exist in the surrounding fields are what remain of the remote time full of legends.

Specific Conditions

- Difficulty: Easy, it is not advisable for people with locomotive problems.
Necessary Equipment:
- Hat or Cap;
- Water;
- Comfortable boots and clothes for walking.
- Groups with a minimum of 2 Persons and a maximum of 20 Persons.

This trail can be performed all year with guided tours in the morning and afternoon.

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