Morgan's Nature Walks

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Morgan's Nature Walks - Rocha da Pena

Morgan’s Nature Walks presents a guided tour along this majestic geological monument, protected since 1991. The walk allows you to see a large diversity of flora and fauna as well as going a few centuries in the past and hear a little of this region’s history.

This is an emblematic pedestrian trail where the visitor is taken to discover a rich natural heritage, it is area that gives shelter to over 535 different species of plants, many mammals and 122 species of birds. The visitors will have the opportunity to learn many curiosities about the plants, such as their economic and cultural uses, their medicinal properties and more, as well as listen to the history of the ancient Neolithic walls that stretch over the width of the table top. It is also possible to see and identify birds of prey flying over the area using the air currents in search of their next meal.

Specific Conditions

- Moderate, not advisable for people with mobility, heart or serious respiratory problems.
Necessary Equipment:
- Hat or Cap;
- Water;
- Comfortable boots and clothes for walking.
- Groups with a minimum of 2 Persons and a maximum of 20 Persons.

This tour can be done all year, we have tours in the morning and the afternoon, depending on the weather. The only limitation is in the summer, because of the high temperatures that are common at this time of the year there are only guided tours in the morning.

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