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Morgan's Nature Walks - Privacy Policy

Morgan's Nature Walks is committed to keeping your personal data confidential. You accept the Morgan's Nature Walks privacy policy whenever you visit our site.
1 – Personal Information

The information we receive or that is entered on our site is kept by Morgan's Nature Walks. This information is used only to facilitate and improve the service provided to you.

2 – Security of your Personal Data

Morgan's Nature Walks is committed to complying with its obligation to keep your personal information secret and confidential, and we take steps to protect your information from unauthorized access, alteration or loss.
The user should know that, in the world of technology and information technology, personal information is not immune from risk. Morgan's Nature Walks guarantees that it will do everything possible to protect user information.

3 – Eligibility and Account Management

Morgan's Nature Walks policy prohibits children under the age of 18 from using, making purchases or booking activities.
When registering, making a purchase or booking request, make sure the information is correct and true. If a provisional password is provided after registration, we recommend that you modify it for security reasons. The registration asks for a username and a password. For your safety do not disclose your account information to anyone.

4 – Personal Information Sharing

We limit the disclosure of the personal information of our users. We only share your information with the user's sole consent.

5 – Advertising

Morgan's Nature Walks shares statistical information with the manager of protected areas where we conduct guided tours. The content is not directly related or identified to an individual.

6 – Cookies

"Cookies" is a group of data exchanged between the browser and the page server. The Cookie is a text file that is entered on your disk by the site you visit. The information in the file can later be read by the site. Cookies do not contain and will never be able to send viruses, since the cookie does not have computer codes.

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