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Morgan's Nature Walks - Orchid Photographic Safari

Spring is the time of year when life returns to nature. The birds start to reproduce, the plants start to flower, the insects are more active and the reptiles can be seen lying in the sun warming themselves after a cold winter.
Within the realm of plants the most colorful and interesting plants are the orchids. These little princesses of nature are hard to find for the untrained eye but our experienced guide will help you find them.

The photographic safari is done on the pedestrian trails of Rocha da Pena and Fonte Benémola.

Throughout the Rocha da Pena trail it is possible to observe a variety of wild orchids, some of stunning beauty, others shy and small, however there is a large and spectacular but rare orchid for our region, the Limodorum abortivum. It is always exciting to find it and photograph it.

The Fonte Benémola trail has a superior variety of orchids due to the presence of water, even in years of drought it is common to see the fascinating Ophrys that mimic small insects. Other species that can also be found are Epipactis and Serapias, among others.

Specific Conditions

- Depending on which area you want to visit:
Rocha da dlena:
- Moderate, not advisable for people with mobility, heart or serious respiratory problems.
Fonte Benémola:
- Low, not advisable for people with locomotive difficulties (it is necessary to cross a stream using stepping stones).
- Groups with a minimum of 2 Persons and a maximum of 20 Persons.
Equidlamento Necessário:
- Hat or Cap;
- Water;
- Comfortable boots and clothes for walking.
- Photographic camera.

This activity is limited to the months March to end of May, depending on if there was enough rain during the winter the activity may be limited to end at the beginning of May. The photographic safari can be done in the morning or the afternoon. Or you can ask for a full day package with visits to both Rocha da Pena and Fonte Benémola.

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