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Morgan's Nature Walks - Honey production

Morgan’s Nature Walks presents a workshop where you can learn to extract this néctar of the gods called honey. The honey factory where the workshop will take place has professionals with vast knowledge of honey and bees.

Mankind has consumed honey for thousands of years but the oldest registration of this activity comes from cave paintings that are approximately 8000 years old. Throughout history honey has had many uses for food, medicine and cosmetics. The wax of the hives is used to make candles. In this factory the visitors will have the possibility to observe a handicraft of extracting honey and they will have the possibility to extract their own honey that they can take home. During this workshop the visitors will also have the possibility to know various products of this sweet gold.

Specific Conditions

- Rocha da Pena (6.7 km), Salir (6.3 km).
- 5:00 hours
Time of year to visit:
- All year.
- Groups with a minimum of 2 Persons and a maximum of 20 Persons.

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