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Morgan's Nature Walks - General conditions

Morgan's Nature Walks Unipessoal Lda.

NIF: 514269936

1 – Subscriptions -

– Registration is done by completing and sending the registration form that is on the activities web pages and in the store, duly filled in. Registration for activities is only accepted with payment of a minimum of 50% of the total price of the activity (the remaining 50% must be paid at the beginning of the activity), or the total price of a purchase in the store.

– With the registration the client:
Assumes the obligation to acknowledge and accept the present general conditions of participation, as well as the specific conditions contained in the activity in which he or she is registered;
Assumes to be in adequate health conditions for the activity in which he or she is registered and accepts the possibility of taking all risks inherent to his or hers own nature;
Be aware of the type of physical demands that these activities involve and that there may be unforeseen events;
– Morgan's Nature Walks reserves the right to consider as withdrawal any registration whose payment has not been made under the conditions mentioned
– Entries are not accepted at the place of start of the activity.

2 – Booking Conditions
Confirmation of reservation for our activities is carried out in chronological order of receipt of a correctly filled out application form and the respective payment of the 50%.
Our activities have a limited number of participants.

3 – Prices

The prices of the activities may change without prior notice due to price variations of service providers, fuels or taxes. Whenever there is a change in price, the customer will be informed and may maintain or cancel your registration.
There are special conditions of payment for children:
- Children under 6 do not pay;
- Children between 6 and 12 years old pay half price (50%);
- Children over 12 years old pay the full amount.

4 – Withdrawals and refunds
If the client wishes to give up the activity he or she is registered in must do so in writing or by email and will have to bear the expenses of withdrawing.
- If you notify us more than a week in advance, 50% of the initial payment will be returned;
- If you notify less than a week in advance the initial payment will not be returned.

5 – Impossibility of Compliance

If facts that are not imputable to Morgan's Nature Walks determine the cancellation of the activity, the customer may choose to reimburse all amounts paid or change his registration to another equivalent price activity. If the chosen activity is of lower or higher price, the customer will be refunded or must pay the difference, respectively. If the minimum number of participants indicated in the chosen activity program is not met, Morgan's Nature Walks may:
1 – Maintain the activity with a reduced number of participants by means of a payment of a supplement, in which case the informed client may maintain or cancel their registration without any penalty.
2 – Opt to cancel the activity up to 7 days before reimbursing the client for all monies paid, without any other type of responsibility by Morgan's Nature Walks for the recess.

6 – Schedules

The client must respect the schedules stipulated for the beginning of the activities as well as the intermediate schedules that are defined by the guide of the same. Delays may imply the impossibility of carrying out part of the activity.

7 – Amendments

In order to ensure greater safety and quality in carrying out the activities, Morgan's Nature Walks reserves the right to change the time, place and structure of the same if there are meteorological or other conditions, that are not under the company’s control, that oblige us to make the decision.

8 – Degree of Difficulty

It is the responsibility of the client to verify the degree of difficulty of the activity in which he or she is enrolled and if it is adequate to the customer’s capacities. Morgan's Nature Walks clarifies all doubts and questions during the registration, but cannot be held liable for the fact that the participant does not have the physical conditions or skills to carry out the activity correctly.

9 – Security

We always have as first priority the safety of all the people involved in our activities, clients, guides or whoever collaborates in the organization of the activity.
In guided activities, participants should always follow the guide’s advice to ensure the safety of participants.

10 – Insurance

Insurance policies nº 204190775 and nº 2041907788 of the insurance company Allianz Portugal, S.A. Civil Liability: 50,000.00 Euros, Personal Accidents: Death or Permanent Disability: 20,000.00 Euros, Treatment and Repatriation Expenses: 3 500,00 Euros.

11 – Personal Requirements

Our mission is to provide you with the best holidays, so we will do everything to satisfy any special needs, such as vegetarian food. Just let us know as soon as possible.

12 – Required Equipment

For details on required / recommended equipment, refer to activity information.

13 – Using Pictures and Images

Any customer image, captured by Morgan's Nature Walks guides or collaborators in any of our activities, may be used by Morgan's Nature Walks in the illustration of promotional and advertising material such as catalogs, slides, videos and the internet. Photos will not be marketed or made available for other purposes where people are clearly identified, without being expressly authorized by the client.

14 – Alternative Consumer Litigation Resolution

Under Law no. 144/2015 of 8 September, the client may, in case of litigation, resort to: GRAAL member company, office for the alternative resolution of disputes. Avenida D. João II, nº 1.08.01 / D / E, Torre H, Piso 1, 1990-097 Lisboa.

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