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Morgan's Nature Walks - Butterfly Photographic Safari

Butterflies are probably the most beautiful and colorful insects that nature can present us but to photograph them is a real interesting hunt. This activity can take place on Rocha da Pena and Fonte Benémola, preferably early in the morning while the butterflies are warming their wings with the heat of the sun. The best time of the year to have this activity is in the summer or spring and it is available to everyone, depending on the location you wish to visit.

Specific Conditions

- Depending on which area you want to visit:
Rocha da dlena:
- Moderate, not advisable for people with mobility, heart or serious respiratory problems.
Fonte Benémola:
- Low, not advisable for people with locomotive difficulties (it is necessary to cross a stream using stepping stones).
- Groups with a minimum of 2 Persons and a maximum of 20 Persons.
Equidlamento Necessário:
- Hat or Cap;
- Water;
- Comfortable boots and clothes for walking.
- Photographic camera.

This safari is done in the morning in spring and in summer.

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