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Morgan's Nature Walks - Barranco do Velho

Morgan’s Nature Walks presents a guided tour in the heart of the Serra do Caldeirão. The trail of Barranco do Velho passes through areas of dominated by cock oaks and marked by strawberry trees and lavenders, species very important for the economy of this region. This hilly landscape reveals a huge biological richness as well as the authenticity of its people, culture and gastronomy.

Specific Conditions

- 5 Km
- 2 hours
- Moderate, it is not advisable for people with locomotive problems.
Necessary Equipment:
- Hat or cap;
- Water:
- Boots and comfortable clothing for walking.
- Groups with a minimum of 2 Persons and a maximum of 20 Persons.

This trail can be performed all year, however it is not advisable during the hottest part of summer, except early in the morning. We have guided tours in the morning and afternoon.

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