Morgan's Nature Walks

- A walk.

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- An adventure.

Morgan's Nature Walks - Azinhal dos Mouros

Morgan’s Nature Walks presents a guided tour to one of the most northern parts of the County of Loulé. If you like panoramic views, long uphill walks and you don’t mind getting your feet wet? Then this is the tour for you.

Saying that this tour is in one of the most northern parts of the County of Loulé is an understatement because this walk actually leaves the Algarve and enter the Alentejo. This tour passes through areas of ancient importance and continues to be a place of archeological

Specific Conditions

- 17 Km
- 4-5 hours
- Difficulty: Moderate, it is not advisable for people with health problems.
Necessary Equipment:
- Hat or cap;
- Water:
- Boots and comfortable clothing for walking.

This trail is not done in the summer due to high temperatures this area registers.

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