Morgan's Nature Walks

- A walk.

- An experience.

- An adventure.

Morgan's Nature Walks - 7 Fontes

Morgan’s Nature Walks presents a guided tour through one of the most beautiful and green parishes in the county of Loulé. This tour will not only show you the beautiful landscape but also a large built heritage connected to water. The 7 Fontes trail passed through areas where the houses and the nature seem to be in harmony.

Specific Conditions

- 9 Km
- 3 hours
- Moderate, it is not advisable for people with locomotive problems.
Necessary Equipment:
- Hat or cap;
- Water:
- Boots and comfortable clothing for walking.
- Groups with a minimum of 2 Persons and a maximum of 20 Persons.

This trail can be done all year round, however it is not advisable during the hottest part of summer, except early in the morning. We have guided tours in the morning and afternoon

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